Heaven or Las Vegas by Anthony G. Pappalardo

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Heaven or Las Vegas by Anthony G. Pappalardo

60 Pages Second Edition Soft Cover | Fiction

She's a popular girl leading a dark double life. He's an intentional outcast, happily existing out of their small town's social hierarchy. They both use every moment outside of school and work to escape the suburban malaise, often with severe repercussions. Nothing ever happens in their town but there's so much going on.

Heaven or Las Vegas is a work of fiction set in early-'90s New England, oscillating between two strong-minded teenagers' distinct worlds and the subcultures they choose as home, no matter how unstable. 

Second printing of 300 copies with a blurb by Walter Schreifels. 

Anthony Pappalardo is a Brooklyn, New York-based writer, author, and content creator. As a teenager in Massachusetts, he self-published music and skate-centric zines, eventually becoming a regular contributor to Slap Magazine in the mid-90s. Pappalardo has co-authored Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore and Live... Suburbia!, has produced books with Jenkem Magazine and Converse CONS, and has been a contributor to several other books. 

His written work has appeared in ESPN, Complex, High Snobiety, Huck Magazine, Jenkem Magazine, Mass Appeal, Maxim, Monster Children, Paper, Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, VICE, as well as other online and print outlets.

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