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Welcome to your Adult Incorporated® seven-ply skateboard deck.

This is an object, which should deter you from objectifying actual people.

Acceptable uses are but are not limited to transportation, recreation, mild destruction of private and public property, and some instances, your Adult Incorporated® seven-ply skateboard deck may be used as a decoration but it’s not recommended.

More importantly, once you attach trucks and wheels by using hardware to this Adult Incorporated® seven-ply skateboard deck, think of it as your muse. It can be a source of deep inspiration, dreamy abstraction, or simply a vehicle to allow your energy to transfer to inanimate objects. It’s nice but also evil, as these things can ruin your life. In fact, in many ways, a skateboard is a more powerful drug than the opioids that are so rampant in the United States, so let us be thankful that Big Pharma hasn’t tried to thwart the sales, production, and daily use of Adult Incorporated® seven-ply skateboard decks, as well as any manufacturers and distributors of seven-ply skateboard decks and accessories.

Protest with your body, not your mind.

A message and warning from your friends at Adult Incorporated®.